Monday, July 25, 2011

Foto Model Hot Intan Maya Sexy in Bikini " Desire Sunset " | Sexy Model Foto

 "Intan Maya" Desire Sunset

Hot chocolate skinned exotic nymph has so many interesting stories that will fulfill your dreams. One of them is having sexy on the beach at sunset.
Playing in several feature films and FTV, sweet virgin birth of this city of flowers August 1st to call himself as a simple and does not want complicated.

To the Popular Magazine, Intan Maya unique rounds disclose her personal life. Starting from the initial attraction to the world model, scary story while filming the big screen, until the outpouring of her heart are hidden all these years. Only to Popular Magazine Intan Maya admitted the wildest sexual fantasies.

As the youngest of five brothers, what the family views as you dared to plunge into the world of modeling and Entertaint?
So far the family all support what I do. As long as no harm, I'll live it. Besides all that I am doing this to help my family too ..


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